I checked out the FB reviews before renting from Jared and let me tell ya, they are all true. Jared and his wife were two of the nicest people we met in Vegas. We rented the slingshot for a day and it was fun, but what blew me away was Jared and how accommodating he was. I booked the appointment, then had to change the time. He was gracious and seemed genuinely interested in making sure we were happy and taken care of. The LOST ART of customer service found in Vegas??

Do yourself a favor, take a break from the tables, meet Jared and run around the strip in one of these things. The cost is very reasonable, the service is top notch and it’s a blast watching people turn to try and figure out what it is.

Best of all, you can have confidence that if there is a problem, Jared has his moral compass pointed in the right direction and he’s going to take care of you!

Thank you Jared!!!! See you next trip!