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Here at The Slingshot Experience we want you to experience Las Vegas like never before! Have you ever dreamed of visiting the iconic scenic destinations of Nevada such as, Las Vegas Strip, Hoover Dam, Red Rock Canyon, and Valley of Fire? There is no better way to view these wonders of the world then in a Polaris Slingshot! Weighing only one thousand seven hundred pounds, with almost one hundred eighty horsepower, and resting a mere 5 inches from the ground the Slingshot is an awesome driving machine. Going through fun windy roads and viewing the amazing scenery of surrounding mountains from the open road cockpit is an adrenaline rush like no other. The Slingshot offers the thrill of the open road like a motorcycle along with the safety and stability of a race car. The Slingshot Experience will leave you with memories that will last a lifetime! Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority! We will work hard to make sure that you have the absolute best experience possible! Call us to reserve yours today!

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Begin your journey by choosing one of our GPS guided tours. If you aren’t interested in our listed tours we can help you create a custom route tailored to your specific needs at no extra charge. Our staff has extensive knowledge of Las Vegas and the surrounding areas. We will be happy to answer any questions that you may have about our tours.

polaris slingshot experience las vegas - hoover dam

 HOOVER DAM – 3 Hours

Less than 1 hour of driving time from Las Vegas is the Hoover Dam. This incredible piece of American History is a beautiful place to visit. The drive to the Hoover Dam is on the highway surrounded by….

polaris slingshot experience las vegas - red rock canyon



Rated  #1 of “Things to do in Las Vegas” on Tripadvisor.com and visited by more than 1 million travelers each year, Red Rock Canyon is….

polaris slingshot experience las vegas - valley of fire


Just a short drive north of the Las Vegas Strip one of the oldest parks in the state of Nevada. The Valley of Fire was officially open in 1935 and covers almost 36,000 acres. The neon red fossilized sand dunes….

polaris slingshot rentals las vegas - mount charleston


Just 35 miles northwest of the exciting Las Vegas strip are the winding roads, cool breezes, fresh mountain air, and scenic beauty of Mount Charleston…..

The Slingshot Experience - Las Vegas Strip


View the mesmerizing lights of the iconic Las Vegas Strip from open cockpit of the Slingshot. Las Vegas is known as the entertainment capital of the world for its invigorating nightlife,…….

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The Slingshot Experience has one main goal, and that is to let you experience an adventure of a lifetime that you’ll never forget. If screaming your lungs out through the very famous Nevada scenic destinations, such as the Valley of Fire on a Slingshot has always been your dream, then you have come to the right place! We have something in store for you, and it’s definitely more thrilling than that! For one, we’re proud to say that the Polaris Slingshot isn’t like any other vehicle available in the market today. What made us say that? The answer is pretty simple; we’re very confident that you won’t be able to experience the thrill of open road riding like on a motorcycle, with other vehicles. Not just that, the Polaris also offers safety and stability, with the excitement and thrill that everyone’s amazed with your ride!

We’re going to bet that only The Slingshot Experience is capable of giving you a one-of-a-kind, that you’d always remember. Those who are ready to experience the greatest thrills that nature can offer, give us a call and we’ll make that happen!

We pay great importance to our customers, and we want to make sure they’re always satisfied. That’s why our rental process is quick and simple; perfect for those who are thinking of having a cruise around Las Vegas for several hours, or to those who would rather have a long haul to the scenic spots surrounding this beautiful place. You don’t have to worry about anything at all, allow us to handle that for you.

Lastly, for those who are thinking of sticking around Las Vegas, we also provide GPS Guided tours!

Polaris Slingshot For Rent In Las Vegas

Las Vegas is described as one of those states best known for its exotic car “auto-cycle.” What does this imply? Pretty simple; it’s neither a car nor a motorcycle! This allows the user to enjoy both worlds, and experience the freedom that comes in both. All you need is a valid driver’s license and you’ll be able to relish the open air as you ride without wearing a helmet at all! Are you ready for that?

The Polaris Slingshot is an exotic 3-wheeled tri-mobile that contains two, low and level wheels that offer maximum control. Then, the one rear tire propels the rider forward into the open air, allowing you to enjoy a one-of-a-kind adventure of a lifetime.

What are you waiting for? Be the first among your friends to experience the open road that the Polaris Slingshot has to offer. While your friends are renting the typically seen cars when they visit Vegas, you can boast your ride, and they’ll be in full awe.

Story Behind The Polaris Slingshot

The Polaris Slingshot is a magnificent, 3-wheel roadster that has been released in celebration of the company’s 60th anniversary. The vehicle has been specifically designed to offer head turning fervor of two dimensions, and the first thrill comes from what you can hear, see, and feel while riding the Polaris Sling Shot. Then, the second excitement would be how you’re going to feel when the crowd turn their heads marveling your ride.

The Polaris Slingshot provides a unique on-road driving, as well as riding experience. This isn’t what a lot of people usually ride on, because it’s a type of motorcycle that has the vibe of an automobile. Aside from that, the unfastened air cockpit also offers a cool 360-degree rush of display along with the smell and sound. The side by side eating arrangement allows both the passenger and driver to experience the front row-shot of adrenaline, as the sport-tuned and wide stance suspension motivates the rider to charge every corner and pay full attention on the road. The rider would also feel the unexplainable rush of sidewalk under the seat through the low-to-the-ground vehicle stance. It could make your heart pound as you enjoy this thrilling experience.

Things To Do In Las Vegas

Here are some of the highlights of the Polaris Slingshot Experience

Hoover Dam

An hour away from Vegas is the Hoover Dam. This is a very beautiful place that’s also an incredible piece of the American history, making it worth visiting. Likewise, the drive to the Hoover Dam is situated on the highway surrounded by magnificent mountain views for people to appreciate. That’s why by riding the Polaris Slingshot, you’d be able to enjoy this magnificent scenery as you’d have nothing, but the open road.

Mount Charleston

Mount Charleston is located on the northwest of the Las Vegas strip, where there’s plenty of winding roads, cool breezes, and you could take a breath of fresh mountain air as you enjoy the breathtaking view of Mount Charleston. It’s one of the highest peak mountains in Nevada with a 12,000 feet in elevation. That’s the main reason why the temperature in Mount Charleston is usually between 20-30 degrees cooler than the temperature in Las Vegas. With that, it has been considered as one of the top destinations during the summer months.

That’s not all; there’s also a lot of wildlife to see, such as the wild horses and deer around the area, and because of the heavy snowfall during winter months, you can only try the seasonal tours, which are offered on specific months.

Valley of Fire

The Valley of Fire is just a short drive north of Las Vegas Strip and has been one of the oldest state parks in Nevada. It was officially opened in the year 1935 and covers approximately 36,000 acres, and this is what gave the historic park its wonderful name. Additionally, it’s one-of-a-kind geological features, as well as the wildlife that can be found in the area attracts thousands of travelers each year. In the Valley of Fire, you can also see the Indian petroglyophs, as well as the American sketches, but you can always spend quality time in their visitor center.

Together with the very beautiful scenery, this park is best known for the curving winding roads that would surely be a thrill to any driving enthusiast.

Red Rock Canyon

The Red Rock Canyon has been visited by more than a million of travelers each year, and there’s no doubt about that– it has a breathtaking display of beauty in the Mojave Desert. The sandstone mountain walls, as well as the fiery colored hard rock reach over more than a thousand feet high and has been the home of several types of animals, such as the Mountain Goats as well as the Burros. With that, it has been referred as the “hidden gem” of Las Vegas and has been one of the favorites of the locals.
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